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morning pages | 21/03/2023

I want to start writing blogs again and in truth I know exactly where this impulse has come from, which is the newsletters from writers and other creatives that occasionally flood my inbox. They’re good. They’re inspiring, and often make me want to get my own thoughts down, to try and emulate those I’m reading and produce little nuggets of thought and idea and moment. In the past, I’ve done exactly that. In a type of writing I’ve done on and off over the last few years. Morning pages. The practice of doing some unprepared and unplanned writing first thing in the morning. To get down any thoughts that may have collected at the base of your skull while you slept and put them on a page in a messy, still somewhat sleepy state.

I was just reading back through some of the morning pages I did last year and they had something. They contained little nuggets of thought and ideas and moments that suddenly felt priceless. I immediately felt the urge to share them, or more correctly, wish I had already shared them. That I’d had the courage to do so back when I had written it, to have posted it on my blog, or make a newsletter of my own. But I didn’t, that writing was just for me and I think that’s why it was effective. 

Still, that impulse to share the writing, the thoughts, the ideas, the moments, is still very much there, and the truth is that rather than go back in time and post those morning pages, instead it’s time to write some new ones and post those. So, let’s do that.

Starting with this post, I’ll open up a new section on this website, unsurprisingly entitled morning pages. It’ll be the same type of morning pages I’ve written before, but for public viewing and will have the added benefit of meaning I won’t stop after four or five posts, which is what has happened in the past. Also, this is just for us. Me, who will obviously write each one, and you, who happened to find this and are reading it right now. Unfortunately, for those who have subscribed to my website they’re about to be flooded by email notifications, so if that’s you, you’ve been warned (and feel free to turn off your emails if you need to as I hate the idea of becoming spam). For everyone else, they’ll likely never be seen, and I think I like that.

They’ll be some text and likely an image for good measure — either one I’ve taken or just one that suits the post — and I think it’s important that I don’t worry about filling a quota. They’ll happen when they happen, and can be long or short, structured or unstructured. They are and should be exactly what they need to be. Little nuggets of thought and idea and moment.

Morning pages


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