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Hello, I'm
Damian Robb 

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Freelance word person

Welcome! It would seem that in this endless sea of internet your browsing dingy has managed to find the tiny island that is the website of Damian Robb. Congratulations!
So, who is Damian Robb?
I am a writer who works freelance within the publishing,
television, podcasting, and education industries. My
prose can be found in some beautiful books as well as a
number of anthologies and magazines, and has been
shortlisted for the Lord Mayor's Creative Writing award. I also
work in development and scripting for the screen, where my work
has been shortlisted for the John Hinde screenwriting award, and
the Blue Sky Drama Initiative. I also host and produce the popular podcasts Scaredy Boys and Stray Thoughts and have taught story and writing at RMIT and Story Studios Australia.

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The front cover of the book Short Tales by Damian Robb

Short Tales

The front cover of the book The Hive by Damian Robb

The Hive

The front cover of the book The Case of Henry and the Hamster by Damian Robb

The Case of Henry and the Hamster


The cover art for the podcast Scaredy Boys

Scaredy Boys

The cover art for the podcast Scaredy Boys Patreon

Scaredy Boys Patreon

The cover art for the podcast Stray Thoughts

Stray Thoughts

Write with me

Writers! Whether you or a group need some writing inspiration, education, or just someone to give you a push, I can help. With years of experience teaching both adults and children at organisations such as RMIT, Story Studios Australia, and Gateways, I am passionate about helping other writers achieve their goals and advance their skills. Also, I just really love talking story!

I can accommodate writers of all levels, from those just starting their writing journey to writers looking to take their skills to the next level, with the content readily adaptable to meet the diverse needs of all participants.

Services Offered:
  1. Private Mentorship: Personalised guidance and advice to refine your writing and storytelling skills.
  2. Script/Manuscript Analysis: Comprehensive feedback and recommendations to strengthen your story and enhance its impact.
  3. Custom Workshops: Engaging and insightful workshops on all elements of storytelling and writing.
  4. Tutorials: Firsthand advice and how-to’s for using podcasting and screenwriting software, as well as help with your writing productivity and planning.

To enquire about any of my services or discuss availability, please contact me at
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